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Вы должны это видеть! дом Диты Фон Тиз в Городе Ангелов

Today, AD brings you inside a den of burlesque royalty - the home of the incomparable Dita Von Teese. Dita moved into her 1927 English Tudor a few years ago and revitalized the once white walls with all of her favorite colors, some displaying memorabilia from the golden age of Hollywood. Her eye for vintage clothing has unsurprisingly translated into a decorating sense highlighted by vibrant artwork, vintage bric-a-brac, and charming antiques. A perfect example? She took a dining room set found at a flea market and reupholstered the chairs with her favorite fabric from a Jacques Garcia hotel in Paris. Befitting its singular owner, pieces of vintage taxidermy decorate the living room, adding an exotic touch the maximalist vibe.
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