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Интерьер глазами фотографа: William Waldron

1. Home of the American painter John Dowd in Provincetown for Elle Decor. Carlos Mota stylist.

2. Long Island, New York

3. Anne McNally's living room, Paris. Carlos Mota, stylist

4. At Andrew Rosen's for Elle Decor. Anita Sarsidi, stylist.

5. New Lebanon, New York

6. The home of Daniel Romualdez in Montauk.

7. Mary Ahern's bed, Spencertown, New York


9. Milly de Cabrol for Architectural Digest


11. Alex Papachristidis for Architectural Digest

12. At Trey and Jenny Laird's for Architectural Digest. Interior Design by Jeffrey Bilhuber, Robert Rufino, Editor.

13. Home of Allison Kendrick. Garden District, New Orleans, for Elle Decor. Lili Abir Regen, stylist.

15. Bordeaux

16. Garconierre, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

17. House in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for Elle Decor. Anita Sarsidi, stylist.

18. At Robert Duffy's in Provincetown, Massachusetts for Elle Decor


20. Parlange Plantation on False River, Louisiana

21. Albania, Hunt Slonem's Louisiana Plantation

22. Home of Georgette Farkus Trapp in New York for Elle Decor. Carlos Mota stylist

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